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Price Guide


Our prices are based on a minimum quote and are dependent on the dog’s size, temperament and the condition of the coat.

There will be an additional charge of £10 if dogs coats are matted and need extra time.

Cockerpoos/cavapoos/Bichions - From £69

Labadoodles- From £85

Multipoo-From £56/58

Spaniels- From £68

CKC- From £58

Schauzner/Terriers- From £63

Westies- From £63

Shitzu-From £58

Yorkie- From £56

German Shepards/Huskys- From £75

Retrievers-From £79

Labs-From £54

Pomeranian-From £59

Sausage-From £36

Frenchie- From £42

Poodles- From £60

Standard Poodles-From £85

Chihuahua from:



Pug- From £40

Bath & Drys - ask on request 

Hand striping- From £70

Puppy Intro: (under 6months) - from £42

Feet/Face/Bum - From £49 -(depending on size)

Nail clip-£12.50

Teeth cleaning- £48

All prices depend on size/age & temperament of the dog. 

if we use any extra products or have to wet clip your dog due to matting this is an extra charge of £10

If we find fleas on your dog we give them a flea bath which is an extra £12

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